Almustafa Welfare Society






Al-Mustafa Welfare society is a group of the well reputed NGOs of the country striving for community welfare and development at national level. These are registered under various registration laws including the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Registration and Control Ordinance, 1961, Societies Registration Act 1860 etc.

Mission Statement
To work for the progress and development of the common people  focusing on health and capacity building through establishing institutions, community development center, vocational training centers, industrial homes and women self-employment schemes  including creating an awareness of their civic and economic rights and responsibilities.

AMWS vision is to rebuild Pakistan as an ideological, progressive enlightened and welfare-oriented Islamic State as originally conceived by its creators so as to develop an educated and a balance Society in Pakistan based on Islamic values of moderation, peace, tolerance, mutual respect, equality and justice, honesty and transparency, and solidarity with the poor and marginalized people.


AMWS is an independent, broad based, non-profit, non-partisan and non-governmental community welfare organization, registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1960 with headquarters at Islamabad. It is operating in many  urban and rural areas of Pakistan.
The main purpose of this  organization is to bring productive and sustainable socio-economic changes in the society at grass-root level through community participation, human resource development focusing on health civic rights and responsibilities empowerment and mainstreaming of poor, vulnerable and most marginalized segment of society.
AMWS team comprises highly dedicated, self motivated, well educated, widely experienced and enlightened volunteers from within and outside the country who since its inception are actively involved in variety of community services and developmental activities in different fields.


   1. Provide relief from sickness and in particular to those effected by drought, flood and diseases by the provision of assistance and treatment including medicine.

   2. Information dissemination and human resource development through training, seminars, workshops and conferences.

The AMWS is targeting through its following programs:

  •  Social Services Program

  •  Capacity Building Program

  •  Knowledge Dissemination Program

   Social Services Program


This is most important program of the AWMS. The main objectives of this program are:

   1. To provide relief from sickness any where in the country.

   2.   To reach in the natural disasters affected areas for helping people.

   3.   To arrange medical camps for shelter, food and treatment.

   4.   To provide training and technical assistance to the needy groups and their workers for effective accomplishment of their targets within stipulated period.

   5.   To suggest appropriate social security measures for the most vulnerable and marginalized groups of society like women, children, senior citizens and religious service providers.   

   Knowledge Dissemination Program

This program focuses on knowledge sharing and dissemination. The main objectives of this program are:

   1.   Create an effective demand through among masses at all the level for a noble and meaningful life and take all necessary measures to meet this demand through advocacy, capacity building, public campaign and other intellectual endeavors etc.

   2.   Mainstreaming of individual religious service providers and institutes i.e. Mosques, Deeni Madrasas and Khanqah and reshape them as real centers of sustainable social reforms and constructive changes through capacity building, advocacy and community participation.  


   Capacity Building Program

Human resource development is carried out through organizing, trainings, seminars, workshop and conference. The main objectives of this program are:

   1.   To develop technical and managerial capacity of social workers and educational and welfare institution and other affiliated organizations.

   2.   To alleviate secretarial and communal violence through dialogue and positive mutual interaction and create harmony among different sections of society.  


 The main areas in which AMWS is interested are as follows:


  • Health Education
  • Mobile Health Unit
  • Special and Periodical Medical Camps
  • Blood Donation Camps
  • Specialists’ Consultancy Services
  • Ambulance Services
  • Advocacy and awareness
  • Safe water supply
  • A forestation
   Relief / Social Services:
  • Emergency Relief
  • Ramzan Food Gift Scheme
  • Scholarships and Books distribution to poor and needy students
  • Qurbani Project
   Skill / Human Development:
  • Industrial Homes
  • Women Self-employment Scheme
  • Community Development Program
  • Vocational Training Project


   Research & Development:
  • Baseline Surveys, Seminars/Group discussions
  • Publishing of research findings
  • Reports writing
  • Research based Policy recommendation.
   Advocacy/Public Awareness
  • Seminars/Conferences
  • Meeting with Public Representatives
  • Liaison with Distt. Govts./Legislators
  • Publications of Articles, brochures, posters, media programs
  • Man to man contact at gross-root level


ALMUSTAFA Foundation is running following Projects / Programmes in Karachi.

  • Almustafa Children Home North Karachi; A Sanctuary for Orphan and Helpless Children
  • Gosha-e-Aafyat North Karachi; A Care Centre for Mentally Ill (Adult Male)
  • Almustafa Senior Citizens Home North Karachi.
  • Almustafa Medical Centre & Maternity Home Baldia Town no.4
  • CARE School System Shah Faisal Colony 3 & 4
  • Lateef Public School,Surjani Town Phase 2 Karachi.
  • Mayyat Bus Service.
  • Ka’fan (Shroud) Service ( Free for Needy )
  • Goats for “Sadqa & Aqiqa” Service.
  • Emergency Relief work.
Help Earthquake Victims

Free Medical Camp

Free Food Distribution

Eid Gift